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Magnet GameThrough this game, a child learns what is a magnet and the state of repulsion and attraction.It develops the child's creativity by building new shapes.Contains 154 pieces.Suitable for children + 3 yearsThe box measures 40 x 29 x 24 cmContains 154 pieces...
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This educational toy is helpful for shape recognition and geometric learning. Promotes brain development and great for developing early sorting skills Improves fine motor control, eye-hand coordination. Smooth and burr-free wood material, no harm to babies.Bright and non-toxic water paint absolutely..
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A visual representation of molecular structures of common compounds and substances.Molecular geometry and bond angles can be visibly seen in the structure, making it great for studying...
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Children can learn about knowledge of planets, light their dream of exploring the Wonders of the Solar SystemThey can develop intellectual and innovative thinking ability when they assemble this planet model and paint it with their creativity..
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A tricky fingers type game for 3 players at a time.  Be the first to create the pattern on your dial by moving the colored balls into position using just your finger tips. Very good for pattern recognition and fine motor skills development...
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1. New Concept Frames and Blocks: Build Your Own creative robots and building and animals. It can be more easily express and develop your child's ideas and imaginations.2. Made from safe materials: Made from high quality non-toxic materials, free of phosphates, lead and other heavy-metal.3. Unleash ..
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The game offers endless entertainment with different colors and sizes. The stacking game is perfect for improving a child's physical skills.Improve hand-eye coordination.Comes in a variety of colors and sizes endless color mixing options..
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Snail bead box 80 pieces +3 years The entertaining of cognitive and functional games in the style of its activity, is considered to include the snail beads are used as free or guided toys, and after collecting its geometric shapes with different angles, it strengthen the muscles of the h..
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Colorful Cubes Box 160 pieces +3 years The colour cubes, with their attractive colors and their modern and alternative fitting method, are considered a door of perceptual and cognitive development and have a constructive effectiveness in the participation of children for group activities, as they..
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Big Lego Cubes Box 89 pcs +3 years LEGO cubes with attractive colors and their modern and unconventional composition. They are considered a door of perceptual and cognitive development and have a constructive effectiveness in children's participation in-group activities. They are also disti..
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Space Ball Building Blocks 160 pieces +3 yearsBuilding blocks are an important part of cognitive games in early childhood.Space ball  is considered to include vicious balls of attractive non-traditional games that promote cognitive development and allow social participation to achieve their ..
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Circuit building blocks 650 pieces +3 yearsA fun game in which the child categorises many large shapes, a tent boat house, and many forms that encourage the child with creativity, imagination, classification of colors, and strengthening of fine hand musclesSuitable for children over 3 years oldBox..
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