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Classic World

A five piece animal shaped puzzle to teach your child the shapes of animals and colors. A great first puzzle for little hands.Puzzles help build childrens hand-eye coordination and fine motor skillsز..
S.R 51.75
Ex Tax:S.R 45.00
Multi-activity Blocks Box                                                    Default Title - R 320.00 ZAR    &..
S.R 109.25
Ex Tax:S.R 95.00
Test Tube SetThis set of test tube includes 12 test tubes and a test tube rack. The test tubes can be used to experiment with colors and help children become familiar with the primary and secondary colors...
S.R 166.75
Ex Tax:S.R 145.00
Group of Magnifiers Contains 6 magnification lenses for children ..
S.R 171.35
Ex Tax:S.R 149.00
Develops the skill of recognizing and classifying colors learns the concept of gear movement and can write and color on the contains 10 cards in different design 8 magnetic colored gearsWhite magnetic BoardFor children + 24 months Product code 30924..
S.R 132.25
Ex Tax:S.R 115.00
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