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About Us

About Us

We are a puzzle company for games and educational aids specializing in furnishing and equipping kindergartens, schools, games and educational aids. A few years ago, when we looked at the frameworks of the educational process as a whole, we realized that there is a gap between what is presented by the major companies specialized in the educational media industry and between what parents, mothers, carers and teachers search:

Parents: looking for the means and groups of sciences and crafts that would enjoy their children, and used to enrich their minds and develop their skills.

Teachers: They choose educational aids that would be appropriate for the classroom and promote learning while keeping children regular and listening.

Investors and caregivers: They strive to achieve the highest quality and safety for the benefit of children and encourage parents to join their schools and centres.

Therefore, we have tried hard to be one of the pioneers in this field in order to help parents, teachers and caregivers in securing high-quality school furniture for preschool and pre-school and to overcome this gap by providing educational means and tools at a reasonable and competitive price.

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